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Imitation of GNSS signal


In today's world the use of simulators SNA signals is a common practice in the development, production, use and support of satellite equipment customers.

Due to signals simulator satellite equipment manufacturers are able to:

  • simulate the satellite signals to a variety of operating conditions;
  • conduct a full control the execution of scenarios for different types of tests to ensure reliability of the results;
  • simulate the repeated movement on the same route, with the same configuration of the satellite constellation.

Undoubtedly, this is a significant advantage over the conduct of trials in the «field» conditions.

Also, signal simulators provide the ability to assess the characteristics of the claimed manufacturers of navigation equipment, which is quite difficult to perform in the real conditions.

Works company in this area

The company develops simulators signals since 1997.

1997 Apparatus simulating signals of GLONASS and GPS CH-3800
2000 Signal Simulator CH-3801
2000 Block of imitation CH-3802
2000 Signal Simulator CH-3803
2004 Signal Simulator CH-3803STE
2004 Generator of Signal SN-3802J
2004 Signal Simulator CH-3803M
2006 Block of imitation CH-3805
2006 Signal Simulator CH-3806
2007 Block of imitation BI-12K
2007 Block of imitation BI-12OEM
2009 Signal Simulator CH-3810
2010 Upgraded simulator signals of CH-3806M
2011 Upgraded simulator signals of CH-3805M
2011 Upgraded simulator signals of CH-3803M

Perspective developments

2012 Signal Simulator  
2012 Signal Simulator  

In the development of simulators signals the company holds a leading position in the CIS countries, and is only developer of such equipment in Ukraine.

Delivery of simulators

  • CH-3802 was delivered to Belarus;
  • CH-3802J has been specially designed and shipped to Japan;
  • CH-3803STE shipped to India;
  • CH-3806 was developed as part of Girasol (Galileo). Bundled in Switzerland, France;
  • CH-3806M - Modernization of CH-3806 as part of Gagarin (in conjunction with Thales Avionics, France), the range of L3 GLONASS;
  • CH-3810 Switzerland NVS

Technical support

At present, out of production and technically are not supported:

  • СН-3800;
  • СН-3801.

Removed from production, but technically supported by:

  • СН-3802
  • CH-3802J;
  • СН-3803;
  • СН-3803STE;
  • СН-3805;
  • СН-3806.

Removed from production:

  • БИ-12К;
  • БИ-12ОЕМ.

Produced, technically supported, available for order:

  •  CН-3810 in Ukraine.