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Satellite compass CH-4721
Satellite compass is designed for automatic continuous determination of:
  • the true azimuth
  • elevation angle
  • fix
  • altitude
  • UTC time scale

on the signals of satellite navigation systems GLONASS / GPS.

CH-4721 allows you to orient objects on the geographic poles, as well as on elevation angle.

Satellite compass CH-4721

Satellite compass CH-4721

Possible areas of application

  • orientation of the radar antennas and radio links;
  • construction;
  • sea and river transport;
  • aviation;
  • use in technique to replace gyroscopes.

Functions and features

CH-4721 is a navigation apparatus, consisting of two antennas and goniometric unit. Antennas are placed in fixed locations at the facility with reference to the axis of object. The location of antennas should be capable of receiving signals from the area of the upper hemisphere. The goniometric unit is located inside the object and provides:

  • goniometric determination and necessary navigational parameters;
  • external interface RS-232 port in accordance with standard NMEA-0183 (IEC61162) parameters:
    • true azimuth;
    • elevation angle;
    • coordinates;
    • data time in the scale UTC;
    • altitude;
  • external interface RS-422 to 1PPS

Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
 Goniometric determination and necessary navigational parameters:
       - GLONASS
       - GPS
L1, CT code
L1, C/A code
 Accuracy (RMS):
      - coordinates of location, m
      - altitude, m
      - time, ns
      - true azimuth and elevation angle at 2 m between antennas, º
       - DC, V
       - AC 50 Hz, V
from 10 to 30
 Power no more, Wt 7
 Operation temperature, °С from -30 to +55