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Portable satellite compass CH-4722
Portable satellite compass is designed for automatic continuous determination of:
  • the true azimuth
  • elevation angle
  • fix
  • altitude
  • UTC time scale
on the signals of satellite navigation systems GLONASS / GPS.
CH-4722 allows you to orient objects on the geographic poles, as well as on elevation angle.

Portable satellite compass CH-4722

Portable satellite compass CH-4722

Possible areas of application

  • orient objects on the geographic poles;
  • construction;
  • sea and river transport;
  • aviation;
  • use in technique to replace gyroscopes;
  • Use in conjunction with the systems of optical and laser-guided;
  • military artillery (for guidance weaponry and intelligence on the target);
  • geodesy, including mobile systems.

Functions and features

CH-4722 is а portable satellite compass which includes two GPS/GLONASS antennas and two GPS/GLONASS receivers. They are placed inside a monolithic body. The body is made of light-alloy, shock-resistant material. Location CH-4722 must be capable of receiving signals from the area of the upper hemisphere. Portable satellite compass are provides:

  • goniometric determination and necessary navigational parameters;
  • external interface RS-232 port in accordance with standard NMEA-0183 (IEC61162) parameters:
    • true azimuth;
    • elevation angle;
    • coordinates;
    • data time in the scale UTC;
    • altitude;
  • external interface RS-422 to 1PPS

Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
 CH-4722 determination and necessary navigational parameters:
         - GLONASS
         - GPS
L1, CT code
L1, C/A code
 Accuracy (RMS):
         - coordinates of location, m
         - altitude, m
         - time, ns
         - true azimuth, º
         - elevation angle, º
 Time To First Fix «cold»/«worm» start, s 90/50
 Supply - DC, V
 Power no more, Wt 3,5
 Operation temperature, °С from -30 to +55
 Dimension, mm*mm*mm 427х68х51
 Mass no more, kg 1,2