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Navigation USB-receiver CH-4719

CH-4719 - a full-featured, 24-channel navigation USB-receiver that works on signals:

  • GLONASS frequency band L1, C / T code
  • GPS in the frequency range L1, C / A code
  • wide-zone differential SBAS systems in the frequency range L1

Navigation USB-receiver CH-4719

Navigation USB-receiver CH-4719

Navigation USB-receiver is designed to determine the current values of the coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude), velocity vector of the consumer on the signals of GLONASS, GPS, SBAS, anywhere in the world, at any time regardless of weather conditions.

Functions and features

1. The parallel signal processing independent navigation systems GLONASS, GPS and SBAS is implemented in the receiver. The receiver is designed as device size 71*35*145 mm3.

2. The receiver has a built-signal simulator that provides self-control and calibration of the receiver

3. The receiver has the ability to measure the phase pseudorange code and carrier phase

4. Interfacing with external devices via the serial interface, USB 2.0, with the ability to exchange information on the NMEA 0183 (extended protocol), BINR and RTCM SC-104 v2.2

5. The receiver provides a measure of navigational parameters in the following range of parameters of motion of the object-carrier:

  • Speed up to 500 m/s
  • height up to 18 000 m
  • acceleration up to 5 m/s2

6. The receiver can work with different types of antennas, depending on the destination object:

  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Universal

7. The receiver provides a search and follow the signals of navigation systems GLONASS and GPS, automatic and continuous determination and issue the following navigation options to the consumer in real time:

  • Coordinate the location of the object in geodetic and geocentric coordinate systems
  • Heights with respect to the reference ellipsoid and the center of the Earth
  • The three components of velocity and displacement in the geocentric geodetic coordinate systems
  • RMS accuracy of the predicted coordinates

The receiver provides the possibility of receiving and processing of external data (from the navigation system, from the inertial systems and other sensors).


  • Sharing information with external devices via USB 2.0 is an asynchronous serial port
  • Communication Protocols: IEC1162 (NMEA0183), BINR, RTCM SC 104 v2.2
  • The rate of exchange of information: up to 115,200 bits/s

Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
 The number of parallel channels of the receiving of the SNA GPS /  GLONASS / WAAS / EGNOS 24
 Coordinates of location:
         - GPS/GLONASS, m
         - GPS/GLONASS + SBAS, m
         - DGNSS, m
9 (typical 5)
         - GPS/GLONASS, m
         - GPS/GLONASS + SBAS, m
         - DGNSS, m
12 (typical 8)
 time, ns 100
 velocity, m/s 0,1
 Time To First Fix «cold»/«worm»/«hot» start, s 90/50/6
 Temp of fix, Hz 1, 2, 5
 Coordinate Systems WGS-84,
 Supply USB
 Power no more, Wt 1,5
 Dimension, mm*mm*mm 71*35*145
 Mass, kg 0,16
 Operation temperature, °С from -40 to +70
 Operation humidity at temperature 40 °С, % 98
 Operation sinusoidal vibration:
         - frequently no more, Hz
         - amplitude, g
 Repeated mechanical shocks, g 15