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Antenna unit

Antenna unit is designed to receive, amplify signals in the range of GLONASS L1 frequency and GPS frequency bands L1, L2, and the use to the geodesic navigation equipment.

Antenna unit

Antenna unit

Design features

Marks on the body is indicated the phase center and the orientation of the azimuth.
Antenna unit is mounted on a tripod, rod and screw on the object.
Antenna housing is made of aluminum alloy, radome - plastic, cast.

Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
 Frequency range:
         - L1, MHz
         - L2, MHz
from 1570 to 1610
from 1217 to 1238
 Output impedance, Ohm 50
 Output VSWR, no more 2
 Polarization circular, right
 The gain of the emitter at the zenith, dBik 5
 The gain of LNA, dB 25±2,5
 The noise of LNA no more, dB 3,5
 The frequency selectivity of the filter f0 ± 90 MHz no less, dB 35
 Supply, V from 2,75 to 5,00
 Current no more, mA 40
         - diameter, mm
         - height, mm
 Mass no more, kg 0,5
 Protection IP 65
 Operation temperature, °C from -50 to +70
 Storage temperature, °C from -60 to +70
 Connector, LEMO socket ERC.00.250 NTL