Limited Liability Company «Navis-Ukraine» - a company operating in the market GLONASS, GPS, Galileo technology. The use of technologies can solve a wide range of tasks in relation to the realities of the XXI century.

The main areas of activityLLC «Navis-Ukraine»

  • Research and implementation of development using the signals of global navigation satellite system GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO and SBAS and additions GBAS;
  • Development and manufacturing equipment;
  • implementation of R & D treaty for businesses and organizations





  • GPS/GLONASS receivers for various applications, which the company produces itself or being transmitted for serial manufacture of other companies «NAVIS groups»;
  • Developed hardware simulator GLONASS,GPS and Galileo and its serial production;
  • Equipment the navigation systems GLONASS and GPS Galileo are used in:
  • electronic charts
  • precision time and frequency synchronization
  • measurement of the angles of spatial orientation
  • differential corrections to GPS GLONASS pseudorange
  • suppression of unintentional and intentional interferences for the signals reception GPS and GLONASS navigation systems
  • continuous GLONASS and GPS monitoring;
  • successful European projects (Galileo, Gagarin).

The experience of the company

  • Satellite navigation expands the scope of application and at the same time substantially reduces the cost of methods to achieve the objectives;
  • GLONASS along with GPS are full member of the general GNSS. GLONASS also allows in some cases to achieve results that are unattainable on only GPS for users with receiving equipment, standard configuration (without the P and Y codes);
  • a number of tasks are require the use of signals of both navigation systems, while using only one system can be dangerous.